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About IMA™

Intelligence Metrics Auditor

Highlight the best in everyone thanks to powerful tools.

Intelligence Metrics Auditor™ is first and foremost an independent organization with whom we have a close working relationship. Our common goal? To give you access to quality IQ tests.

Humans behind the data

IMA™ brings together several specialists, experts in the development of intelligence tests and researchers in cognitive sciences. All are driven by one goal, to certify the effectiveness of IQ tests.

Counselling is also a priority

In addition, a large part of their missions revolves around an advisory system. Depending on your score, IMA™ is able to calculate your margin of progress, areas for improvement or even your strengths.

Quick and efficient tests

The IMA™ database has given birth to accurate intelligence measurement tools. Extensive analysis on how to take the tests allows everyone to know their cognitive skills quickly online.

Precise certification criteria

IMA™ takes the time to verify that all certification criteria are met. Here is an overview of the specifications:

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Answer in less than 24 hours

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